Building sustainable habits for individuals and the planet.

The Lighter Footprint App (LFA) helps people make habit changes which improve their everyday life and contributes to the sustainability of the environment.




Beta-Shipped in 6 Weeks
Contract Work


UX/UI Design
Front-End Development


Leading up to the beta launch of LFA I had the opportunity to contribute as a UX/UI, and Front-End contractor. During my time, I collaborated closely with the design lead, as well as the the lead developer. I contributed to various user flows, interface designs, and prototype implementation.

Specifically, I worked on the app's onboarding quiz, goal setting, and progress tracking features.

As the mobile app is still in its early phases, I am unable to share detailed information regarding the app online. If you would like to hear about my experience working on the app, and how I worked in a small collaborative team, I would be happy connect.

Overview of the app's main functions