Kula Kitchen

Since 2018, I have had the opportunity to work with Asha Wheeldon, founder of Kula Kitchen. Together, we have continuously worked together to communicate a vision focused on building community through African vegan food.

A Diverse Line of Nourishment

As we explored the visual expression of Kula's values, we were inspired by the use of patterns and colours native to African culture. With diversity of shapes and tones in mind, we developed each product label with a pattern and hue to distinguish each unique flavour. Together, we unified the line of products through a minimal treatment of line work and typography to let the natural colours of each meal and nourishment come to the forefront. Since establishing the treatment across the spectrum of labels, we carried the same visual language into various print and digital collateral.

Like a Friendly Gathering

As Kula's following has grown in reach, the need to become evermore consistent in brand communication has risen. With that, photography became a pivotal touchpoint for conveying the overall feeling of warmth and freshness inherent in Kula. As such, I aimed to create a sense of home through the photography style. In the warm backdrops, everyday tableware, and vibrant use of colour throughout Kula's photoshoots, we've worked together to give customers the feeling of a gathering of friends around a home cooked meal.

Bringing the Experience Online

With Kula's customer base reaching across the lower mainland, Asha reached out to share her offerings online. With my partner, under the name Studio Prolific, we built a fully custom Shopify website for Kula. Together, we brought the warm and inviting brand established over the years into a new online experience. Since launching, Kula's website has become a significant business channel with weekly food products offered by Kula and Kula's community of partners and collaborators.

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