Developing an identity for the sophisticated gangster

Ogle is a men’s eyewear company committed to the middle men who appreicate both classic and contemporary street style. As a conceptual project, I was able to focus on developing the brand identity and experience through the brand concept, components, and website.

Brand Strategy

Ogle was inspired by the principle of juxtaposition - the idea of two things in contrast, being close together. Growing up, I found a strong interest in the intersection of two different ideas. Through my inspiration in Jazz, Hip Hop, Fashion and Art, Ogle was developed.


"OG's—dedicated to the sophisticated gangsters and. radical gentlemen. Ogle is the finest collection of men's eyewear. We at the club pay homage to the real originals, while paving our own appearances, careers, and lifestyle through grit and elegance."


Ogle's name is a reflection of two ideas:

1 | The representation of the attraction to each person wearing Ogle Eyewear.

2 | The representation of the confidence and determination of each owner in pursuing their goals.

Within the OG logo, I created a connection between the two letters by utilizing and manipulating the serif from the G. Bridging the two letters becomes an emulation of a pair of glasses.


I decided to use Garamond as Ogle's main typeface. Its classic but edgy serifs align with Ogle's target audience. In order to create a distinct adjustment to Ogle's wordmark, I removed some of the serifs within a few letters. Doing so allowed me to bring in Ogle's brand concept into the wordmark by creating a contrast between the serif and sans serif letter forms.

When creating the logo for Ogle I focused on the "OG" within its name. This served in connecting to Ogle's "Original Gangster" customers, and in creating opportunity to foster a brand culture, by naming each pair of glasses, "OGs".

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